Removal Blankets x 10

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Removal Blankets x 10

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Product Description

Quantity: 10 Removal Blankets
Width: 2000mm (80")
Length: 1500mm (60")

Regular price buying individually: £40.50

Removal Blankets provide entire protection to all types of furniture in transport and storage.

The removal blankets are flexible so can be wrapped around any shape of furniture, content to ensure full protection. Our blankets can be re used many times over and over again as they can be washed, and they are a tough and dependable protection solution.

These are extra strength removal blankets as they are made from premium wool mixture and cross-stitched and are also an anti-rub protection to all goods.

The size of the blanket is 60” Width x 80” Length.

10 Removal Blankets in one pack for an affordable price. 10 blankets would be enough for a small amount of furniture.

Technical Details

Colour Grey
QTY 10
Thickness 350g
Length 2000mm (80")
Width 1500mm (60"