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  • Safety tips when packing

    Before you pack a single box, before you wrap a single plate, before you do any packing it all - stop and think safety first!
  • Storage Boxes: One of the Millions of Uses for Plastic

    One of the most significant innovations ever produced is plastic. Plastics are so pervasive in everything we do, that if we had to rid our lives completely of it for just one day, our homes and offices would be virtually empty.
  • Furniture Blankets Are Not For Keeping the Sofa Warm

    Furniture blankets are designed to protect the sofa, tables, and chairs during the process of the move. Without them the furniture was prone to scratches and nicks. A revelation indeed.
  • Moving Boxes Shipped Right to Your Door

    Moving boxes are readily available with just the click of a mouse. Websites like Packing Boxes specialize in providing UK residents with cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and just about anything else they need for moving house.
  • If Packing Boxes Grew on Trees

    Moving supply companies have been around long enough for people to know they exist, right?
  • Yes Virginia, There are Moving Boxes

    Moving boxes are designed for their task in a number of ways.
  • Creating a Moving Checklist

    Making a moving checklist is one way to get things done even in the midst of a bad memory.
  • “Safety First” and Packing Your House

    Learning to pack our belongings safely not only protects them from damage, it also protects the movers from personal injury.
  • Packing Boxes for Moving

    Unlike regular cardboard boxes, packing boxes for moving come in several item-specific forms like bike boxes, golf set boxes, CD/DVD boxes.
  • Discount Code (Expired)

    If you're planning a move in the future there's no better time than now to purchase your supplies from That's because is offering a 5% discount on all purchases made through their web site. (EXPIRED)
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