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Packing Boxes

Everything you need to help you pack, move and store your items and products safely.

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Large Tea Chest Boxes x 15 Pack

RRP £59.84 £37.85
15 for

Medium Packing Boxes 15 Pack

Medium Packing Boxes x 15 Pack

RRP £37.34 £26.00

Cotton Webbing Ties x 6 Rolls

RRP £75.00 £49.99

2-3 Bedroom Moving Pack

2-3 Bedroom Moving Pack

RRP £71.42 £40.54

40 Budget Moving Boxes Pack

Budget 40 Boxes Pack

RRP £95.92 £40.48

Eco medium boxes

Eco Medium Boxes x 15 Pack

RRP £48.00 £29.99

Quilted 3 Seater Sofa Cover

£179.99 as low as £139.99 From: £139.99

3-4 Bedroom moving pack

3-4 Bedroom Moving Pack

RRP £118.32 £60.83

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe Boxes x 3 Pack

RRP £32.94 £25.10

Golf Set Boxes X 3 Pack

RRP £17.84 £17.36

CD DVD Boxes x 10 Pack

RRP £44.90 £35.99

Transit Blanket

Removal Blankets x 25

RRP £101.24 £55.99

Quilted Bike Cover

£89.99 as low as £70.00 From: £70.00

Herringbone Webbing Ties x 6 Rolls

RRP £58.50 £39.98

Gift Voucher

From: £10.00


Cardboard Packing Boxes for Moving

Utilising our expertise gained over a decade in the moving industry we have created, the moving and storage megastore to offer you everything you need to pack and store ready for your house or office move.

We offer a vast range of solutions from ready made house moving kits to just a single packing box.

Our packing boxes and packaging supplies department is dedicated to providing the best quality removal boxes and packaging materials at affordable prices, same used by the professional removals and storage companies thought out the United Kingdom.

We have also have a plastic storage boxes section with a huge range of plastic storage products for home and office storage, which are always needed for storage in your new home or business. And a racking and new shelving department, offering a wide range of home and business storage solutions.