Moving Home Packing Guide

Packing moving boxes understand how stressful moving house can be so we have a step by step guide to moving and packaging materials needed. This is simply to make your move as easy and organised as possible. This moving guide helps to take the stress and worry off your shoulders. Packing moving boxes supply for removal companies so as we have a great understanding of the check list you would need to follow.

Approximately 3-4 weeks prior to your moving date

3-4 weeks prior to your move you should consider arrangements of children and animals such as dogs and house pets. Also organisation for what belonging you wish to take and not. Also food within cupboards, pantry, fridge and freezer. These simple arrangements are important due to saving time, worry and distraction on the day of your move. This also saves not wasting money wasted food and on packing materials you may not need due to items you wish to throw away.

A fresh start

When living in a house or flat for many years clutter and storage of old cloths can build up. Prior to packing your house nearer the removal date, why not have a clear out of unwanted items. This can save you time nearer your move and also money on packing materials and removal costs for boxes of items you don't really want to keep. Small items such as clothes and books can be taken to a local charity shop or passed on 2nd hand to a family friend who has a younger child 4 example which your children have now grown out of. Also for larger items such as sofas can be taken to a local furniture recycling charity or tip. Some charities collect large items from your home, which saves you hassle.

Household Goods and waste

To be organised for move start thinking about what food you will be purchasing nearer your moving date to save waste of frozen foods and items that are unable to pack and transport to your new home. This saves time and also expense. When moving home removal companies recommend freezers are defrosted prior to your move so possible consider what frozen good you will actually eat and possibly start using what is already in store. Also sometimes going through your cupboard and organising items if there already not and checking dates on items which have been previously bought a few months ago for example and not used. This saves time nearer and you can then either transfer items into a box and place in your own car to transport to your new relocation and saving space.

Arrangements for childcare and pets

Arrangements for young children and pets is advised to be arranged in advance so you can concentrating on your removal instead of combining the worry of making sure everything is ok and the care of your child or pet. As you can imagine a removal service may take 4+ hours which can be a tiring and boring process for young children. Care of pets is also essential when moving house as the door will be open for removal of items such as boxes and larger items such as sofas. Animals such as dogs and cats may wander out the house causing worry if they don't usually go out without a lead or wondering when your cat may return from hunting.

1-2 weeks prior to moving date

Customers are advised to look for packing materials sites to order house moving packs. On our website we supply packs for different bedroom and house sizes with additional boxes which you may need to order more of such as a glass divider. Customers are also advised to call and arrange readings with the different companies such as meter reading etc. Also contact the royal mail and your telephone provider.

Arranging Meter Readings

Readings will need to be arranged for gas, water and electricity for the day of your move. You will also need to check that all services for your new home are arranged for your arrival date. If electrical appliances are being taken from your current to your new home arrangements should be made. For disconnections of electrical appliances such as cooker should be done by a qualified electrician.


Approximately a week before you move your packing materials will arrive start packing up items which you wont be using, and prepare to organise yourself. 2 days before you move start packing up bedrooms storage. 1 day before your move start packing all remaining items such as your wardrobe and food only leaving items to be warn the following day.

Bills, Telephone and Post

Contact your network provider and arrange for you telephone line to be transferred to your new home or change the number if you wish. Also arrange all following post to be re directed to your new address.

Your banks and any other services which need to be notified such as car insurance should be notified of your change of address and changed also receiving the next bills to be directed to your new address.

Royal mail should be contacted regarding re directing any post addressed to yourselves to be re directed to your new address.

Contact you're the removal company which you are moving with and make sure your booking is definitely fully booked in and the arrival time so you are fully ready.

2 days before the moving date

2 days before is the ideal time to start packing items such are gardening tools and any items you feel you wont need I.e. ornaments. Label all your boxes with content inside or room it came from. This was you will know what's going to be in each box. This also makes it easier for the removal company to put in the correct room at the new home.

The day before you move pack all remaining items other the items you wish to wear or use the morning of your move. Items you wish to take in your car such as valuables should be packed separately and labelled. This enables you to only have items which you used in the morning to pack the following day. Bedding and curtains/blinds will need to also be removed on the morning of your removal. This then enables you to be fully packed when the removal company arrive enabling a quicker and cheaper service.

Previously you will have arranged meter reading for the day of your move for gas, water and electricity. Make sure that you leave a copy and also keep a copy for reference and also make sure the property is left safe secure and fully locked when leaving.

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