White Postal Boxes

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  • White Postal Box | Strong Mailing Boxes

White Postal Boxes

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Product Summary

• Strong corrugated cardboard postal boxes providing peace of mind while shipping and mailing goods.
• Available in 4 different sizes to meet your needs.

Product Description

So you’ve successfully sold your items online. Now all you need is a secure method of packing and sending those precious items to the recipient all in one piece. Impossible you say? Read on.

Modern technology can only get the ‘selling process’ so far. Here’s your solution.

At Packing Boxes our genius engineers have been working extra hard and have designed and manufactured the perfect postal box. They are extremely simple to assemble because they don’t require any glue or tape to be assembled. In fact, they can be assembled so quickly the kettle will still be boiling!

The Postal Box is manufactured from high quality, single wall corrugated board making this a high quality product. You can be confident your items are in safe hands as they travel through the postal system.

Technical Details

Grade 125 WT/B Flute
Length From 225mm to 450mm
Width From 145mm to 290mm
Height From 75mm to 100mm
Colour Brown / White
Printed No
QTY 10