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Storage Boxes: One of the Millions of Uses for Plastic

Every now and again someone brings to market an invention or device that completely revolutionizes the world as we know it. Take a look at the electric light bulb for example, or galvanized rubber, or even the computer microchip. All three of these things play such a significant role in modern society that we would be hard-pressed to do without them. For my money, one of the most significant innovations ever produced is plastic. Plastics are so pervasive in everything we do, that if we had to rid our lives completely of it for just one day, our homes and offices would be virtually empty.

Where household plastics are concerned, nothing is more visible or versatile than plastic storage boxes. Before plastic there was cardboard; before cardboard we used wood, paper, glass, and metal for our storage boxes. All of those materials were fine for their day, but none of them have all the benefits of plastic. Plastic storage boxes are lightweight and easy to handle - unlike glass, wood, and metal. The material itself is versatile enough to be made into an endless number of shapes and sizes, all very cheaply on the assembly line.

Nothing beats plastic storage boxes in terms of protection, either. They can be manufactured to be airtight, watertight, and even completely light proof is necessary. And barring fire or structural collapse, they are virtually indestructible. In other words, if you need safe and reliable storage for any items at home, you can't do any better for the price than plastic storage boxes.

Who knows if the wizards of technology will ever find something better than plastic? If they do, great, but until then I plan to keep using as much plastic as I can.