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Furniture Blankets Are Not For Keeping the Sofa Warm

I remember when I was just a lad, digging around in the loft with my father. We were looking for some old family photo albums when I came across a pile of blankets. I asked my father what they were, to which he responded, "Those are furniture blankets." Being just seven or eight years old I didn't understand what he was talking about, and I spent the next couple of days wondering why furniture would need blankets. Does the sofa get cold? Do tables and chairs need to be kept warm? It was a puzzling conundrum for sure.

A few weeks before my 16th birthday we packed up our house to move to a new city. When the movers arrived on the appointed day, the first thing they did was cover the furniture with removal blankets. Suddenly the light went on in my head and I remembered the conversation with my father so many years earlier. I realized furniture blankets were designed to protect the sofa, tables, and chairs during the process of the move. Without them the furniture was prone to scratches and nicks. A revelation indeed.

Today, I'm a middle-aged father myself who wouldn't dream of moving house without removable blankets. Not only do these blankets protect the furniture, but they also protect walls and doorways if we bump into one. Having a good, heavy blanket could be the difference between a hole in the wall of your brand-new home or getting that sofa in the door without causing any damage. And the fact that they're so inexpensive and easy to come by means there's really no excuse for not using them.

I still get a chuckle when I think about that day in the loft. I wonder if my father does to.