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The Day the Moving Boxes Died

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you made a decision but didn't realize it was a bad decision until sometime later? People who are moving house often find themselves there. When they get to their new home, they are tired from hours and hours of moving. And with several days or weeks of unpacking ahead of them, they try to make things as quick and efficient as possible. Things that are normally stored may be left in cardboard moving boxes and stacked in a basement.

Let's just say you've done this. At the time, your decision may have seemed completely reasonable. But then the following spring brings a nasty storm and water in the basement. Those cardboard boxes full of personal belongings are now dead in ten inches of water. In retrospect you realize that cardboard boxes are not always suitable for storage, but the damage has already been done.

The fact is cardboard moving boxes serve a great purpose: moving your belongings. But by their very nature they are not intended for long-term storage in conditions prone to moisture or heat damage. That's why we have plastic storage boxes and shelving units. In the scenario just described, storage boxes and shelves would have been the perfect solution. It's the best way to keep the elements out, as well as rodents and insects.

Now that you know the truth about moving boxes and storage, don't make a mistake you'll regret later on. If you're moving house, invest in a handful of plastic storage boxes so that you can protect your personal belongings. If it makes things easier, pack them ahead of time to avoid having to re-pack on the other end. Just make the right decision so there are no regrets later.