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Moving Boxes Usually Mean New Neighbours

So you're looking out your window when a truck pulls up to your neighbour's house; it's from a local moving supplies company. You watch the driver with curiosity as he unloads moving boxes and takes them to your neighbour's door. This can only mean one thing: he's moving out and you're going to get new neighbours.

Thoughts of apprehension begin flooding your mind because you don't know what your new neighbours will be like. Will they be old or young? Will they be easy to get along with? What if they don't like us? These are all common questions we ask ourselves when we know new neighbours are coming.

While your friends next door spend the days packing, you may be living in fear. You don't care about how much money they saved ordering their moving supplies online; you're not interested in the cardboard wardrobe boxes that will save their expensive garments; and whether or not they have plastic storage boxes is of no concern to you. What you want to know is why they are abandoning you and leaving you to the mercy of strangers? And all this time you thought you had a great relationship with them.

If you find yourself in such a situation, just remember that there's someone else on the other side of town experiencing the same thing. They are losing their neighbours in anticipation of yours moving in. You know your friends are fine people who will be just nice in their new neighbourhood. Yet it just may be that the family who moves in next to you will prove to be just as wonderful. You probably have nothing to worry about. And if you make the new neighbours feel at home, they will respond in kind.