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Downsize Your Home before You Move

Have your kids all grown up and left home? Are you and your mate considering downsizing to a smaller home? It's a good idea for most of us, seeing that it will save us time and money. With fewer people in the home there's no need to keep paying the utilities on empty space. There's no need for the maintenance and upkeep of a full house. There's no need for you to put off getting a smaller place that will mean less work and more time for each other. So now that you're convinced, here's a helpful tip to get you started.

Start Downsizing before You Move
Take a minute and consider something. It will probably take you a while to find both a new home and someone who wants your current one. During that period why not start going through all your stuff and pitching or donating what you don't use. Many a couple has done this to find that they could close off entire rooms of their home because they were completely empty. Let's face it, we keep a lot of unnecessary junk in our homes. Why buy more moving boxes than we need, just to move junk from one house to the next.

A good rule of thumb for downsizing is the 6-month rule. The six-month rule states that anything you haven't used or need in the last six months, with the exception of family heirlooms and holiday and seasonal items, is something you don't need to keep. Don't put it in a packing box with the intent of dealing with it later. You won't. Pitch it while it's right there in your hand. That way you'll have more room in your boxes and fewer boxes to load on the truck.