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Making a Doll House with Moving Boxes

After a house move is finished, you're left with your used moving supplies scattered around the house. Especially troublesome are all the moving boxes which need to be broken down and discarded. You may want to save a few of them for future use, but for the rest, how about putting them to good use with your children? They love to create things. They'll have a great time if you give them the boxes you were planning to throw away.

A doll house is one of the more creative things you can build with cardboard boxes. All you'll need to go along with them is some white glue, a handful of sewing pins, poster paints, scissors, and a ruler. With a little imagination and the help of their parents, the kids will have a house worthy of their own TV show - at least in their minds.

You start by drawing basic plans on a piece of paper, including measurements. Then, the kids can measure and cut the cardboard needed for the floor and exterior walls. When they're ready, constructing the shell is pretty simple. But make sure to do it right as it will be the key to stability of the entire structure.

Lay the floor piece flat on a table and choose one exterior wall to begin with. Run a thin line of white glue down the edge, then push a few sewing pins up through the underside to form posts on which your wall will sit. Then push the wall down onto the posts. The glue will dry and keep everything in place. This same pin and glue method is used for constructing the whole house. Use your poster paints to customize each room, and whatever you do, just have fun.