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Don't Forget the Webbing

You're getting ready to move and you've decided you want to do it right. You're not going to be tempted by the free cardboard boxes down at the local market. You're not going to settle for wrapping your expensive china in old newspaper. You absolutely refuse to move your furniture without covering it first. No, you have determined to buy all your moving supplies from a reliable company that sells quality products. But just one question: Have you thought about webbing?

Securing your goods in the truck is just as important as how you pack them in a box. Since you've made the choice to use dedicated moving boxes and removal blankets, don't you think it's a good idea to tie town your load with a product made just for that purpose? Of course you do. So when you order your supplies, don't forget to include a couple of rolls of webbing ties.

Quality webbing ties are made of woven cotton known as herringbone. The weave pattern makes it incredibly strong and able to withstand a lot of force, yet still flexible enough to work with around furniture and such. Herringbone webbing is the perfect solution for securing your load, whether you're moving across town or across the country.

If you're thinking rope is just as good, think again. Any rope that's easy enough to work with will also be small enough in diameter that you'll need tons of it to the same job as webbing. Webbing is usually more than 40 mm wide, so it covers a lot more area and spreads the stress out more evenly. You'd need four or five lengths of rope to do the same thing. So don't skimp on the webbing. It may make an otherwise perfect move a pretty big headache.