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Removal Blankets can Save the Day

How many times have you moved house in your adult life - once or twice; three times or more? In all of your moves, did you ever damage your furniture? Most of us have. Yet for some reason, we try to get away on the cheap by not spending money on moving supplies. We ask the local shop keepers for their old boxes; we buy the cheapest packing tape we can find; we use old newspaper as filler material. As for the furniture, we leave it uncovered and hope for the best. This is no way to move house.

Furniture is an expensive investment that will be in your house for ten to twenty years. There's no point in making such an investment if you don't intend to take care of your furniture. So when it's time to move, spend a few extra ponds and get some quality removal blankets. They are perfect not only for protecting your furniture as it comes in and out of the house, but also protecting corners and walls. They are much better for the job than a set of old bed sheets.

During the trip across town the biggest threat to your belongings is vibration and road shock. You could have your sofa in the very front of the truck box, which is the safest place for it, and still suffer damage to it from the ride. Let's just say your dining room chairs are stacked next to the sofa with nothing separating the two. A couple of good shock and those chairs could dig right in to the sofa's arm. You're left with a noticeable gouge in the finish that could have been avoided by using removal blankets.

So when you're moving, don't be cheap - invest in removal blankets.

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