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Plan for an Efficient Move

Efficiency is one of the keys to good success in any project, right? It's true in business, but it's also true in other areas. Take moving house, for example. It's very difficult to get all of your helpers on the same page for an efficient move. Everyone wants to pitch in and get it done as quickly as possible. But since they won't be staying around to help you put the new place in order, their attention span lasts only long enough to get the cardboard boxes off the truck. When a move lacks efficiency it causes chaos. Taking the time to plan can help avoid that chaos.

When you pack your home up, you tend to go room by room. One thing a lot of people do is move their filled packing boxes to a central location as near the exit as possible. They do this to speed up packing the truck, yet this is where the chaos starts. It's better to leave the cardboard boxes in their individual rooms for now. On moving day, pack your truck in such a way that boxes going to the rooms deepest in the new house go on last. Boxes for the rooms just inside the door go on first.

At the new home, rather than have multiple people walking in and out of the house, set up a “fire line” where people pass boxes down the line. As you unpack your truck, cardboard boxes move down the line to the deepest rooms in the house, gradually making their way to the front rooms. This keeps all the boxes in order, and people aren't tripping over them and one another. It's a much more orderly way of doing things, and will result in a more efficient move.