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Three Tips for a Better Move

Moving a house or business can be a daunting task. But the truth is it doesn't have to be that way. With a little common sense and some extra effort, your move can go as smooth as glass. Here are three tips to get you started.

Planning and Preparation
Nothing is worse than waiting to pack the night before and then running out of removal boxes. Instead, try ordering your packing supplies six to eight weeks out. When they arrive, begin packing non-essential items you know you'll have no use for until after the move. As each box is packed, move it to a central location. With these two little steps you can better asses both your need for further supplies and the size of truck it will take to move everything.

Use Volunteers Wisely
Volunteers are great, right? But often times we have plenty of friends and family to help with a move, yet they seem to stand around doing nothing. Here's how you fix that. First, designate one person to be the move “marshal”. He will direct all the volunteers in emptying the old location and packing the truck. Most volunteers will gladly work hard if they know what their task is.

Second, get your volunteers to arrive as early as possible. We all tend to slow down just about mid day, especially if we stop for something to eat. In that case, getting people moving again is difficult. You get the best work out of folks early in the day, so take advantage of it.

Your move “marshal” should direct the unpacking of the truck on the other end. Make sure that all moving boxes and furniture get placed in the deepest corner of the room they belong in. That gives you plenty of space to work once everyone goes home.

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