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Trucks Special Offers

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Sack Barrow with 9 inch tyre plates

• Solid Tyres with 9 Inch plates
• Made from strong painted steel.
• 250Kg Capacity
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Parcel Truck with Pneumatic Wheels

• Pneumatic Tyres
• 180Kg Load
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Board Trolley with Cage

• Max Load 200Kg
• Measures 865mm x 485mm x 465mm
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Budget Board Trolley

• 2134mm x 455mm x 1022mm
• Max load 100kg
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Warehouse Picking Trolley

• 1000mm x 700m x 520mm
• 520Kg capacity
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Turntable Trolley with Cushion Wheels - 1000Kg Capacity

• 1524mm x 762mm deck size
• 1000Kg Capacity
• Strong double joint handle
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Magliner Stair Truck with Pneumatic Wheels

• 132cm height x 51cm width
• Max load: 227Kg
• Pneumatic wheels and rubber handles
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Magliner Courier Truck with Pneumatic Wheels

• Lightweight
• Long Lasting
• Interchangeable parts
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Pallet Truck with Nylon Wheels - 685mm x 1000mm

• 2500Kg Max Capacity
• 685mm x 1000mm
• Strong Painted Steel
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Pallet Truck with Nylon wheels - 540mm x 1000mm

• Maximum Capacity 2500Kg
• 540mm x 1000mm for Euro Pallets
• Poly on Nylon wheels for smoother runnings on rigid surfaces
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Sack Barrow with 9 Inch Pneumatic Tyres

• 9 Inch Plate
• Fully Pneumatic Tyres
• 250Kg Capacity
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Parcel Truck with Puncture Proof Wheels

• 180Kg Max Capacity
• Puncture Proof Wheels
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List Grid 12 Items